Discover a craft beer bottle shop in Horseheads, NY

Discover a craft beer bottle shop in Horseheads, NY

Pop quiz! Do you prefer beer:

• Light or dark?
• Malty or hoppy?
• Sweet or sour?
• Smooth or aggressive?

The truth is, there are no “right” answers when it comes to beer. It’s all about your own, unique preferences! After all, the craft beer universe offers a ginormous variety of styles and tastes to suit every palate. And there’s no better place to explore those endless possibilities than at Grand Central Discount Beer!

Connoisseurs and casual drinkers welcome

Whether you’re a beer amateur or aficionado, you’ll find something great to pour when you visit Grand Central Discount Beer.

Located in Horseheads, New York, we’re a beer wholesaler, retailer and distributor all under one roof! This combination, which is unique to the Southern Tier region, allows us to offer a vast selection of local, domestic and imported beers at unbeatable prices. We offer:

• Hundreds of different beers and kegs
• Growler filling for specialty beers
• Build-your-own six packs

A quick drive from the Pennsylvania border, we’re conveniently located in Grand Central Plaza (directly off exit 53 on I-86) in the heart of New York’s Southern Tier.

Why wait another minute? Stop by Grand Central Discount Beer today!